KWPSEF - Building the Arts


To raise money to enhance and expand educational opportunities for           King William County through community-wide participation and                   philanthropy. The first goal of the KWPSEF is to fund eventual                   construction of a fine arts complex.

      The Dream.

Funding the construction of an auditorium in King William County has           often been discussed. In the spring of 2006, a group formed, with the         plan of making that dream become a reality. The King William Public         Schools Education Foundation (KWPSEF) was created and is now a         tax-exempt, nonprofit charitable Foundation dedicated to supporting           King William County Public Schools' mission of success through quality           learning. The board of directors includes parents, teachers,                         administrators, and ex-officio members of the School Board.

You may ask, "Who would this building be for and who does it benefit?"       King William is one of the only surrounding counties to not have a proper       auditorium. In addition to the students and school faculty, community           groups such as local churches, businesses such as Dawn's School of               Dance, and other organizations could use the facility as well. Thus                 benefiting the school and the county financially by allowing King William       to host events.

      How can you help?

 More than your money, although we will take that too, we need your           thoughts and time. You can come to our meetings and give your input
and help us brainstorm. We meet the second Monday of each month at
6:30 p.m. in the King William High School conference room. We rotate
between business and work-session meetings. We need help with grant
writing, publicity, fundraising, and other tasks. You could sign up to be
called upon to volunteer when we need extra help with our special
events. You could become a member of the KWPSEF Players.  Please
see our donation page for more details.


Renee Mills
Vice President
Tracey Anderson
Hannah H. Crews
Joan A. Faulkner
 Board Members
Tracey Anderson
Sandra Helmick
Dawn Smith
Sharon Townsend
Bill Ballard